Book in Brief

What is this book?

1805 Georgia Land Lottery Fortunate Drawers and Grantees is a compilation of the land lottery and grant records for every land lot distributed through the 1805 Georgia Land Lottery process.

How does the book complement family history research?

Land title documents are important records for researching family history. Using state grant records and deeds found in each county, genealogists are able to track the movements and residences of families.

Some types of information about land lottery participants contained in this book include:

  • residence in 1803
  • name of father
  • date and location of death
  • occupation
  • Name spelling corrections

How much does the book cost?

Price: $35.00
Shipping: $3.00
Sales Tax (GA Residents): $2.45

What is a land lottery?

Each time Georgia obtained land from the Creek or Cherokee Indians, the land was surveyed into large areas called districts and small areas (mostly square) called land lots. The districts and land lots were numbered sequentially for each land lottery. At a prescribed time, tickets with lot numbers were drawn against tickets with the names of citizens. If a name matched a lot number, the person was considered a fortunate drawer, or “winner.” That person was able to claim the land and obtain a grant from the State of Georgia, becoming a grantee.

What specific information is included in the book?

The book contains a record of every land lot surveyed for the 1805 Land Lottery process. Each lot record includes the following information: the land lot number, the name and residence of the fortunate drawer, the name and residence of the lot’s grantee, the date of the grant, and the book and page reference to the recorded grant. Some records also have associated footnotes and endnotes that provide more detailed information.

How is the book organized?

The book is organized geographically. Each chapter contains the lots for one land district and is sorted by land lot.

Where was the land in the lottery located?

Original 1805 Land Lottery Counties
Baldwin (land districts 1-5), Wayne (land districts 1-3), Wilkinson (land districts 1-5)

Modern Counties
Morgan, Putnam, Jones, Baldwin, Wilkinson, Laurens, Wayne, Brantley, Charlton

What years does information in the book cover?

The book includes records dated as early as 1805 and as late as 1907. The bulk of the records are dated from 1805 to 1815.

Where did the fortunate drawers and grantees live at the time of the land lottery?

Only people who had resided in the State of Georgia from May 1802 were allowed to participate in the 1805 Land Lottery.

Georgia Counties in 1805
Bryan, Bulloch, Burke, Calhoun, Camden, Chatham, Clarke, Colquitt, Columbia, Effingham, Elbert, Franklin, Glynn, Greene, Hancock, Jackson, Jefferson, Liberty, Lincoln, McIntosh, Montgomery, Oconee, Oglethorpe, Richmond, Screven, Tattnall, Warren, Washington, Wilkes

Does the book have an index?

Yes. There is a full name index to all fortunate drawers and grantees.